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Getting a good ranking for your website can be a very daunting task especially with tonnes of websites competing for that first page of searchengine results. Even for a SEO expert, achieving is never been easy.

One of the proven ways to achieve high page ranking among search results is through relevant and high ranking backlinks. Unfortunately, not all backlinks will do the trick. This is why at King of Backlinks, we help you create backlinks guaranteed to increase your webpage rankings, traffic, and eventually the number of customers for your online business.

Every web master needs to use backlinks at some point. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to use backlinks.


To give Your Website Improved Credibility

If you have a new website, creating backlinks to reputable websites helps you page gain better credibility. Search engines will always give more credit to your website if it has good quality backlinks. This also means that you need to be wary of the sites you use for your backlinks. Good quality backlinks give your WebPages more relevance. Your webpages get an upper hand amongts websites with similar content or keywords.

Backlinks entice visitors and directs them to your website

Creating backlinks that help point people to your website is the best way to get word out about your site. You should never expect people to miraculously stumble upon your new site. This is practically impossible without some form of marketing. Using backlinks is a legitimate step towards gaining publicity for your site by creating links on pages that many people frequent.

Building high quality links especially from very reputable online directories and resources can help direct traffic straight to your site for years and years to come. Also, when someone stumbles upon good content you put out there and sees the link pointing to the source, your website, they will automatically click on it in a bid to find out if there is any more good content they can access. The result of this is good traffic to your pages.

Quicker Indexing by Search Engines

Getting a website indexed on Google is usually one of the major challenges webmasters face with new websites. Creating backlinks from a very active site, a site that is frequently crawled by Google and other search engines helps your site get indexed in a shorter time. Backlinks are therefore one of the quickest ways to get your pages indexed by Google And major Search engines.

High Page Rank

Backlinking is just one of the many SEO strategies that help you get a very high page ranking. It is important to understand that these alone cannot help you get front page ranking among search engine results. You need to incorporate other SEO strategies like use of relevant keywords.

Improved PR

Backlinks to PR6 Domains do not only give you a massive boost when it comes to search engine rankings, but also help you create good PR with other webmasters. Backlinks help you good foster relationship with other webmasters who in may choose to return the favour by adding links directing traffic to your site.
At King of Backlinks we help you create quality back links guaranteed to help you achieve the publicity your desire.

How to use King of Backlinks Effectively ?

There are different ways on how you can use to generate traffic. Having a website will require you to use effective ways in order for you to achieve the stated goals that you expect from it. King of  backlinks is a strategy that that you can use to boost your ranking in major search engines likeGoogle depending on the keyword that you use. Here are some of the best techniques that you will have to use and that will guarantee you success in back linking.

Article writing:


Article writing is an important task of blogging because they are encrypted with keywords and they can e distributed to several websites and article directories. The keywords that are included do help readers take each article directory by keyword. This means that, the keyword will be attached to your website and thus, it will be accessible by those who will be reading the article. But one thing you have to know about article writing is that, mass distribution of these articles may not result in high ranking because of being duplicated in search engines. Therefore, make sure you re-write the articles and make them unique. Re-write many as you can.

Interlinks exchange:

If you are a blogger and with the help of software, you can easily find thousands of links easily. Though link building can take time and on that, Google is likely to know that that is a “link farm” which may lead to your linking being sanctioned. And once you are sanctioned, it will not be easy for you to rank your website. It might be penalized. Another best way is for you to have an exchange link program where you can get contact with a webmaster and do this manually. Note: these two forms might take more time for you to come up

Quality of the content:

You can also have quality back links from some of the quality content that have been written ad posted. A quality piece will attract many readers as well as bloggers who will like to share some of the quote post. This will have a positive effect to the blog and the bog owner as well.


Some websites have been penalized because if you happen to be doing sponsored articles which do follow back link, there is a possibility that Google will penalize for violating guidelines. It is important that you don’t follow the advertorial links.

Forum posting:

This is a related discussion and it can be a great source of back links. What you have to know about forum posting is that all the messages that you post in the forum have to be credible enough and they should be in line with everything that you write. If the message in the forum can be optimized search engines are likely to notice and more traffic is likely to be attracted before of that.

Pay links:

There are those links that you pay a certain amount of bucks and that you can use to help your website to be ranked high. The fact is that, if you have purchased these links and you happen to link your website to those links that you pass the rank there are changes that Google will be able to notice. Therefore you better stick to those that you purchased. It will be unnatural for you use those links that pass

Distribution of the anchor text:

This is something that you have to be aware of. You should be aware of how you distribute the anchor text. Despite the fact that the anchor texts might be coming from different platforms, it is very easy for the search engine to if you happen to repeat using the same keyword all the time. The pattern will be detected and there is a possibility that you may be penalized. Be careful on how you use the keywords. Use different keywords.

Having a lot of traffic to your website will require you to use the best and efficient way so that you can be able to see the results. There are few among the several way that you can use to get your website highly ranked. Also the article has highlighted some few things that you have to avoid. Feel free to leave a comment if the article has helped you. And more….

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Trusted King of Backlinks Review

King of Backlinks Overview :

Creator : Charlie Bullock.

Launch Date : 2014-09-15
Niche : Backlink Building
Price : $139-$279
Refund : 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support : Very Good and Fast Response.
Official site :
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King of Backlinks – What is it all about ?

King of Backlinks is a new link building strategy that provides you with custom built blog posts on high PR sites (PR stands for PageRank) which will help you boost your Google search engine ranking for any keyword you choose. The service helps you rank for even the most competitive keyword by using only the most relevant and high-quality blogs to post link on.

Backlinks are advantageous to any website, especially for SEO purposes. But many people fail to recognize the necessity of getting quality links. Thus, rather than helping their web page rank better in order to get better-targeted traffic, they are actually hurting their website by getting links from poor, irrelevant sites. In turn, this might hurt their website or even get it penalized by Google. Fortunately for you, in this King of Backlinks Review you will learn how their service works to give their clients only the best.

If you have knowledge about SEO then you should know that getting high quality PR contextual backlinks from high authority sites in natural ways would give you the kind of ranking you want on the major search engines and you will still be able to avoid Google penalty because the links are relevant (not spammy), contextual (one of the best types of links), natural, and coming from authority sites – which search engines really love. In this King of Backlinks Review you will discover how the service works to increase your rankings, sales and your overall business. And more…

trusted backlinks

King of Backlinks Review
About the Author:

Charlie Bullock is the creator of the King of Backlink service – one of the most effective backlinking service you will find in the internet marketing space today. He is well known to provide the best for his clients which is why the service is focused on offering you links from only the highest-quality, manually selected blog posts. To show commitment to quality and customer satisfaction which he stands for, Charlie Bullock is confident to offer the service with a 60-day, no questions asked, risk-free money back guarantee.

Key Features:
1) Links from High PR Blogs:

Backlinks play a very vital role in getting you those top rankings especially when they are from high PageRank websites. The more quality links that point to your webpages, the higher the Google Pagerank. The KOB (King of Backlinks) service is aware of this which is why they decided to provide top quality links from high page rank blogs ranging from PR 4 to PR 6 to help increase the PageRank of the page you are linking to. This is very important especially if you want to improve your search engine rankings.
2) All Links are Coming from Authority Domains with Page Authority over 30 and they all Have Strong Trust Flow:

There are two different metrics that attempt to measure how strong a website is. These metrics include : Domain Authority (DA) and Trust Flow (TF). They help you make judgments about the usefulness of backlinks from a site in order to ensure higher ranking in Google as well as other search engines. You won’t need to worry about these with the KOB service because all the links that will be pointing to your money site will be from authority domains, with high trust flow.
3) Every Site that will be Linking to Your Web Pages are Built on Various Content Management System Such as WordPress and Joomla:

When it comes to link acquisition, link diversity is very important because it makes everything look natural in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Search engines place a strong preference on diverse link profile rather than a homogeneous one, even if the links in a narrow profile are from strong sites. That said, you won’t have to worry about these because your site will be getting links from different authority domains and different content management system that are hosted on different platforms.
4) King Of Backlinks Pricing :
For $139

You will get 12 High PR Blog Posts.
For $199

You will get 24 High PR Blog Posts.
For $279

You will get 36 High PR Blog Posts

King of Backlinks

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Should You Buy King of Backlinks – Who is it for?

Whether you are an affiliate or a product owner, as long as people are searching for your service through the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, the King of Backlinks is definitely for you. The service is right for any business that is looking to increase visibility within the first page of search results. By improving your business’ visibility on Google, you stand a much better chance of being found by your potential customers.

The pros of the King of Backlinks :

* You will be given the chance to optimize for up to ten different URL and keywords for every campaign
* To avoid Google’s algorithm catching up on the service, King of Backlinks will not interlink between their sites
* You will get quality link juice that are natural and all the links will be placed on blogs that are relevant to your niche
* Apart from getting contextual links from relevant sites, each article where your links will come from will have unique videos and images
* As discussed above, diversity is key when it comes to search engine rankings. To ensure natural link diversity, every site that will be linking to yours are hosted on a different c Class IPS, with WHOIS privacy, unique DNS (Domain Name System), and good looking themes.

* You won’t need to wait for days before your links get indexed by Google and other search engines. With this service, all your links will be indexed within 48 hours.
The cons of the King of Backlinks:

* You might lose out if you don’t act fast because there are very limited spots available. To avoid being on the waiting list, it is better to join the network today.
* Although this service helps you prevent Google penalty, you will only receive partial reports concerning your backlinking profile. However, this is no big deal because it helps protect clients as well as King of Backlinks’ network

You can see from this unbiased King of Backlinks Review that the service will help you accomplish your desired rankings in top search results – thereby increasing exposure for your business. There are no monthly fees and you won’t need to spend weeks or even months on content. Whether you are a seasoned online veteran or inexperienced, the service will take care of all the hard work for you.

And to top it off, it comes with a one hundred percent money back guarantee. What else can you ask for? If after 60 days you don’t see any improvement in your rankings, you can contact Charlie Bullock and you will get a full refund – no questions asked. Start getting multiple front page rankings with the King of Backlinks program today. Join now because only limited spots are available.

Thanks for visit my King of Backlinks Review. Hope you could find useful information here. Wish you all the best. Cheers!

King of Backlinks Review :

trusted backlinks

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