How to use King of Backlinks Effectively ?

There are different ways on how you can use to generate traffic. Having a website will require you to use effective ways in order for you to achieve the stated goals that you expect from it. King of  backlinks is a strategy that that you can use to boost your ranking in major search engines likeGoogle depending on the keyword that you use. Here are some of the best techniques that you will have to use and that will guarantee you success in back linking.

Article writing:


Article writing is an important task of blogging because they are encrypted with keywords and they can e distributed to several websites and article directories. The keywords that are included do help readers take each article directory by keyword. This means that, the keyword will be attached to your website and thus, it will be accessible by those who will be reading the article. But one thing you have to know about article writing is that, mass distribution of these articles may not result in high ranking because of being duplicated in search engines. Therefore, make sure you re-write the articles and make them unique. Re-write many as you can.

Interlinks exchange:

If you are a blogger and with the help of software, you can easily find thousands of links easily. Though link building can take time and on that, Google is likely to know that that is a “link farm” which may lead to your linking being sanctioned. And once you are sanctioned, it will not be easy for you to rank your website. It might be penalized. Another best way is for you to have an exchange link program where you can get contact with a webmaster and do this manually. Note: these two forms might take more time for you to come up

Quality of the content:

You can also have quality back links from some of the quality content that have been written ad posted. A quality piece will attract many readers as well as bloggers who will like to share some of the quote post. This will have a positive effect to the blog and the bog owner as well.


Some websites have been penalized because if you happen to be doing sponsored articles which do follow back link, there is a possibility that Google will penalize for violating guidelines. It is important that you don’t follow the advertorial links.

Forum posting:

This is a related discussion and it can be a great source of back links. What you have to know about forum posting is that all the messages that you post in the forum have to be credible enough and they should be in line with everything that you write. If the message in the forum can be optimized search engines are likely to notice and more traffic is likely to be attracted before of that.

Pay links:

There are those links that you pay a certain amount of bucks and that you can use to help your website to be ranked high. The fact is that, if you have purchased these links and you happen to link your website to those links that you pass the rank there are changes that Google will be able to notice. Therefore you better stick to those that you purchased. It will be unnatural for you use those links that pass

Distribution of the anchor text:

This is something that you have to be aware of. You should be aware of how you distribute the anchor text. Despite the fact that the anchor texts might be coming from different platforms, it is very easy for the search engine to if you happen to repeat using the same keyword all the time. The pattern will be detected and there is a possibility that you may be penalized. Be careful on how you use the keywords. Use different keywords.

Having a lot of traffic to your website will require you to use the best and efficient way so that you can be able to see the results. There are few among the several way that you can use to get your website highly ranked. Also the article has highlighted some few things that you have to avoid. Feel free to leave a comment if the article has helped you. And more….

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